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Niall McGuinness, saxophones, flute
Tristan Selzler, acoustic piano
Kris Landrum, electric piano
Kyle Rothchild, bass
Neil Strocchio, drums ( 1, 6, 7, 8)
Eric Finkelstein, drums ( 2-5, 9, 10)
Eric Middleton, percussion

Here's what critics are saying:

"The musicianship on the CD is very impressive. . . Limpopo will impress all jazz fans and is a disc gracefully balanced with Latin/Soul roots."

"Soulful. Engaging. Contemplative. Original"


The essence of all art is found in its ability to convey an emotion or experience by the artist. The original compositions contained herein are reflections of those experiences whose great emotional impact has given birth to song. It is this album’s intent to capture and convey those feelings.

Travel does wonders to one’s musical inspiration. While trekking in Central America, the hauntingly long cry of a toucan resonating through the rain forest became the germ for Call of the Toucan. The experience of visiting South Africa and hearing the joyous music from that region created the inspiration for the simple Limpopo. The Latin-tinged Deevee is a nod to the great flutist Dave Valentin, caught while in Los Angeles. During a year-long stay in London, the constant, urban hustle-bustle of that great city gave rise to Wait a Minute. The ambiance of a mild winter sunset breeze shared with friends on a Southern California beach resulted in Laguna Sunday. Everything has its story.


The basic tracks that comprise this album were recorded in one weekend, live in the studio. Niall’s saxophones and flute were recorded using a Neumann U-67-I tube microphone and he plays Selmer Mark VI saxophones exclusively. The piano Tristan played was a 7’ Kawai grand. Kris recorded on a Fender Rhodes electric piano. An RE 20 microphone was employed to record Kyle’s acoustic bass.

All tracks were recorded on a Solid State Logic (SSL) analog board. A Manley tube limiter/compressor was used for mastering. This process of analog recording, to analog mastering, to digital replication (AAD) was utilized for maximum warmth of the CD.

All songs arranged and produced by Niall McGuinness. Recorded by Danny Clay Williams at Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion Reno, Nevada. Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, San Francisco, CA.