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On the heels of their successful Christmas holiday release, New World Jazz Project reveals a selection of freshly-covered standards and thoughtful, tasty originals in Bolero.  Bridging the genres of Latin Jazz, straight-ahead, chill-jazz and beyond, this ensemble continues to chisel out a sound for itself.
With arrangements by Niall McGuinness, New World Jazz Project showcases an exemplary cadre of players who weave these twelve tunes into sublime, sophisticated, transformative moments.
From their refreshing and relaxed offering of Ravel’s Bolero, New World Jazz Project slips into a cool, seductive take of Coltrane’s Equinox, and Miles Davis’ All Blues evolves into a bold salsa adventure.  In this manner, Bolero becomes an album of truly eclectic offerings that listeners will keep reaching for.

Bolero cracked the top 100 on the charts, appearing at #83 on




Niall McGuinness    saxes, flute, vocals
George Tavoularis   piano
Kyle Rothchild         bass
Eric Finkelstein       drums

also appearing:
Eric Middleton, congas    (track 3)
Tristan Selzler, piano      (tracks 3, 12)
Garett Grow, piano        (tracks 5, 10)
Lucas Arizu, guitar        (track 9)
Mark Scholl, drums       (track 12)





 The Full Album:
     1.  Bolero                                                                  7.  Nobody Said 
               M.  Ravel           (5:07)                                                                                N. McGuinness   (2:46)
     2.  Equinox                                                               8.  Peas and Beans        
               J. Coltrane          (5:37)                                                                                S. Sukuta           (3:55)                    
     3.  All Blues                                                              9.  Xingo             
               M. Davis            (4:59)                                                                                N. McGuinness   (4:25)
     4.  Suite Sue                                                           10.  Tahoe Blue
                N. McGuinness  (3:35)                                                                               N. McGuinness    (4:11)
     5.  The Look of Love                                                11.  Mary Go Round     
                B. Bacharach     (6:01)                                                                               N. McGuinness    (6:15)         
     6.  Jiho                                                                   12.  What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
               S. Sukuta           (6:11)                                                                               M. LeGrand        (6:34)